Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Catfish: 1-Run Loss #11

CatfishAnother one-run game. Another one-run loss. And another game where the run that beat them was an unearned run.

Tonight, the Charleston RiverDogs (Yankees) beat the Catfish 4-3. That's the 11th time this season the Catfish have lost a 1-run game. While I wasn't at this evening's game (seeing as how they are over in Charleston, SC), I have spoken with some of the players about these close losses. Those games really hurt. A lot.

Thursday night, game three of this four-game series. Friday closes the series, and the Catfish return to Columbus Saturday.


  1. One run loss- 11 times. That's gotta hurt. Maybe you need to become a fan of synchronized swimming. A lot less pain, I'm sure.

  2. They're playing well enough to win, but are ending up on the wrong side of the score. Oh, but how good is it going to feel when the wins start coming!

  3. Hey Dan, it's Wizz from URI. How's it going. I've been checking your stats every once and a while. I think you need to hit the weight room, you can't seem to get the ball out. It must be the wood bat. Good luck.


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