Tuesday, May 17, 2005

WTW: Busy Weekend

White Trash WednesdaysLast weekend was a busy weekend for Basil. You might have read that he went to Athens, Augusta, and to his home town. Well, I don't normally go on no trips to anywhere fancy like that. But his trip made me think of a busy Saturday I had a few months back.

One Saturday morning, we got up and went deer hunting. We didn't have no luck at all.

After we gave that up, we went motorcycle riding. That wasn't as much fun as it sounded.

So, we called it a day and went to the Burger King.

Not as much fun as it all sounds, but overall, I guess it was a pretty good weekend. And it was a darn sight better than this past weekend.

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  1. HA! the motorcycle pic is great, but the deer is by far the best...

  2. Last weekend's picture just hits too close to home.

  3. That big gal at the Burger King... ain't she the Runaway Bride?

  4. moehawk:

    Two Dogs:
    Sorry if I brought back any bad memories. I can only offer what I do, try to remember the good.

    Nickie Goomba:
    Now you're just bringing up more bad memories.

    But welcome back!!

  5. OH! Toooooo funny! I love your WTW! Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Cousin Sis (That don't sound right, does it?):

  7. The motorcycle shot is a classic. CLASSIC!

  8. White Trash Wednesday

    I did not make it on the White Trash Wednesday list? Oooo, gotta have a talk with Basil. Busy my butt. Who is more white trash than me? I live in Alabama for kripes sake! My middle name is Cracker! ;)...

  9. Thanks! Thankfully no one got hurt during the stealing of that photo from some other Web site.

  10. Well... with it being WTW, cousin sis sounds just perfect...


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