Friday, May 27, 2005

Catfish: Winning Streak At Four

Go Catfish!Before tonight, the Catfish had the longest current winning streak in the South Division of the South Atlantic League. Before tonight. Now, they have the longest current winning streak in the entire league. They won their fourth in a row, and game two of the series with the Hickory Crawdads (Pirates). 9-4.

Dan Batz still leads the team with a .292 batting average, going 1-for-4 with a run scored. Our other player, Lucas May, had the hot bat tonight, going 2-for-5, with a triple and a homer, scoring once and driving in four.

But the story in the making might be recently acquired Ryan Russ, who, while only going 2-for-3, did reach base all four appearances. And, he has reached first base in his last seven plate appearances. That's still far short of the all-time Columbus record of 12, but it's a good start.

There's a lot of talent on the team, particularly as a team, and things are starting to come together. They've played well enough to win 14 more games than they have, which would give them the best record in the league. And, tonight, they continued to play well, and took home the victory. And, like I said, they have the longest current winning streak in the league.

Game three with Hickory is Friday night. I don't know what will happen if they win again. They can't smile any bigger than they were smiling tonight. But I'm eager to see it anyway.

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