Sunday, May 15, 2005

Headline News: 5/15/2005

From ABC News:
Wisconsin Group Drops Cat-Killing Plan
Iron Chef must seek new ingredient for next show

From ABC News:
Invasive Wood-Killing Wasp Found in N.Y.
The Montgomerys have been lumberjacks since the 1920s

From ABC News:
TV presenter Rolf Harris to paint Queen Elizabeth
Harris: "A little spackle, a new coat of paint, and she'll be good as new"

From ABC News:
British director Vaughn finds 'Star Wars' a bother
Enjoys not having hit movies

From CNN:
China: Clothing restriction is wrong
China in favor of supressing speech, liberty

From WDIV:
Arsonist wanted in massive fires
Pay is not great, but promise great benefits

From CNN:
Call for U.S. apology over Quran
Bush refuses, says he didn't write it

From Washington Post:
Japan to Honor War Emperor
Amazingly, got his country nuked and stayed in power

From BBC:
Man charged over Mary-Ann's death
Ginger, Professor expected to testify

From BBC:
Man 'bit off part of wife's ear'
Misunderstood wife's request 'Eat me'


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  2. MoeBetta Headlines 05/15/05

    MoeBetta Headlines 05/15/05

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