Monday, May 16, 2005

PGH: Putting China In Its Place

With all the unrest in the world today, the last thing we need is another front opening in the war for liberty and freedom. But, a front has been opened.

Communist China has taken steps to suppress blogs. They aren't the only country doing such, but they are by far the largest and most powerful to take these actions.

We in the Alliance of Free Blogs were recently made aware that Communist China (also knows as the People's Republic of China, or the PRC) has even blocked the blogs of some of our members. The case cited was the blog, Right Hand of God. It — and all Blogger sites, Alliance member or not — are blocked in the PRC.

The Alliance leadership is up in arms about such treatment, and rightfully so. Harvey is leading the call for action.

Some — and I won't embarrass them by listing their names or the names of their blogs — are urging caution. And they do make a case for proceeding slowly:
After all, you don't treat all threats to your person the same. If, for instance, you are in the woods and a spider land on you, you can flick it away with your finger. On the other hand, if a bear lands on you, you should react in a somewhat different manner.

In today's world, Iran is a spider; China is a bear.
Well, a Panda bear, perhaps. But the point is well taken. You don't handle every threat the same.

Still, such action cannot be tolerated. Besides, it's not like Communist China will attack us. So, I support Harvey's initative to respond in force to the PRC threat to the Alliance.

After all, what are they gonna do about it?


  1. Another brilliant piece of work.

    There's no way the boss is going to believe I'm researching XML back here laughing uncontrollably. I may get fired, but it may also be well worth it.

    Great work.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate that.

  3. We'll give 'em what for!


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