Sunday, May 15, 2005

Baseball Blogging: Win Vs. Augusta

CatfishThe Catfish continued to play winning baseball Sunday afternoon, and this time, they got a win out of it. The Catfish beat the Augusta GreenJackets (Giants) in Augusta Sunday by a 4-2 score.

Lucas May, one of the players the wife and I are sponsoring, continued having the hot bat, hitting a grand slam home run in the fifth inning, providing Columbus with all the runs they needed.

Dan Batz, our other player, upped his batting average to .303 to lead the team. Technically, Cole Bruce has a higher average for the season, but he's only played two games in Columbus, and his .308 average includes games in Vero Beach. While Dan and Cole are the only Catfish batting over .300 for the season, others on the team are just below .300 and could reach that number in the next game.

That next game is Monday night, as they go for a split with the GreenJackets, before heading to Charleston to take on the RiverDogs (Yankees) in a four-game series.


  1. Dan Batz...what a great name for a baseball player!

    and, it sounds like he batz well!


  2. Dan's a real good guy. Quiet. Humble. Always thinking of the team, not himself. I'm proud to know him.

  3. i hope to see him in a Giants uniform sometime in the future!

  4. Well, if the Dodgers do end up trading him, I hope they get someone good for him.

    Used to be that most of the players on the Dodgers Major League roster came up through their farm system. The Braves announcers the other night (Pete Van Wieren, who knows everything, and Don Sutton, who played for the Dodgers) said that only two of their present roster came up from within that organization.


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