Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I owe a big thanks to three people that allowed me to enjoy graduation weekend:

Thank you phin. Thank you moehawk. Thank you Joe.

All three of you went above and beyond, and I not only owe you a debt for that, but for the short notice I gave in asking your help.

You see, the wife and I went out of town Thursday, traveling to my hometown for my son's high school graduation. My nephew also graduated this weekend. And my Grandmother (who's 91) invited us to stay with her.

With everything going on, I would have been able to blog with a fast Internet connection, like we'd have had if we stayed at the Holiday Inn. But, staying with Grandma, who doesn't have Internet access, put a wrench in the works. Of course, I wasn't about to pass up spending time at Grandma's. So, no Internet access this weekend.

I had prepared Thursday's and Friday's posts ahead of time. And the meal-time link posts for Thursday. That would have covered the travel day Thursday, but no Internet access meant I was in trouble.

However, I called upon three fellow bloggers that I have enjoyed reading and communicating with (apart from the blog). And all three agreed to help out. And did they ever!

phin kept the meal-time posts going, and found some great links. He also shared his talents with graphics and his really odd, but wonderful, sense of humor in some other posts.

moehawk took care of the Headline News feature, and kept Catfish fans informed about the tough road trip in Charleston.

aTypicalJoe not only blogged about the Catfish, but brought up some issues that are important to both sides of the political spectrum including, but not limited to, trade with China, Hillary Clinton, and hot dogs!

And all three managed to elicit far more comments than I do.

So, I've got to get back into the blogging habit (being off Thursday through Sunday will spoil a body). And I've got not one, but three tough acts to follow.

Anyway, I've got lots to tell about the graduation ceremonies. But not today. The stuff that went on is much better suited for Wednesday. So, we got that to look forward to.

But looking back one last time, I need to again express my debt of gratitude to phin, moehawk, and aTypicalJoe.

Thank you phin. Thank you moehawk. Thank you Joe. You guys are awesome!


  1. Glad to have you back. Can't wait for the Wednesday story. I'm guessing that I would have a story or two from my high school graduation as well.

  2. Thanks. As for graduation stories, I'm undecided whether to tell them myself or to let 'Cousin Red' do the honors. But either way, both events were fodder for 'White Trash Wednesday'

    Maybe 'Aunt Gladys' or 'Cousin Betty' will join us on that day. Maybe?

  3. you're welcome, basil. whenever you need to leave your blog for a weekend, i'd be more than happy to get my funny out to a much larger audience than i have now....:p

    please don't let Cousin Red do the graduation thing. especially if he hasn't graduated high school yet!

    sorry i couldn't report happier Catfish news, but being a conservative blogger, i couldn't just make stuff up...:( that's what the other side does....(except for Joe...he's honest)

    and above all, thanks for your continuing support of myself and my blog!

  4. vw bug:
    Glad to be back. Thanks.

  5. moehawk:
    Thanks again. I really appreciate all you did.

    As for graduation, I'm still undecided on whether or not to turn Wednesday over to him. I mean, I've never been to the moon, but I can write about it, can't I? Red's never walked the graduation walk, but he can tell what he saw. And he saw plenty.

    And thanks for the good words about Joe. His politics and my politics aren't the same, but he's a quality fellow and, like you said, honest and forthright about what he believes and where he stands. Both sides of the spectrum could use more like that.

  6. "his really odd, but wonderful, sense of humor"

    Sure beats being called a sick SOB, which is how the wife described my sense of humor this weekend.

  7. Well, basil, I might jest take ya up on yer offer fer the graduation ceremony. I'm a mite proud of that thar nephew of mine (your young'un). Watch fer a post...

  8. Aunt Gladys:
    I can hardly wait.


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