Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Therapeutic Humor

Normally, you'd expect to see a White Trash Wednesday post by Cousin Red today. But I haven't heard from him in a week, and I'm not sure if he'll show up. In the meantime, this is a perfect opportunity for me to tell you about one of my favorite blogs.

The Therapist is a must-read. If you don't visit that site every day, you're missing on some funny, funny stuff.

Note: Be paitent, there is a punch line coming.

Ron (The Therapist) is quite possibly the funniest blogger there is.
Oh, now there are some funny, funny guys. And I really love good
satire. And you don't get any better than The Therapist.

Scott Ott is one of the biggest funny/satire blogs. Iowahawk has
some great stuff. The crew at IMAO makes you laugh out loud, too. And,
in my book, The Therapist is in the same league as those geniuses. Oh, to be sure, there are many, many others, men and women, that I really enjoy reading and that are really, really funny. But today, I'm talking about The Therapist.

Recently, Ron was very disappointed that visits to his site were down. And he was considering changing his humor or quitting blogging altogether.

[UPDATE: Ron has since changed his mind and removed the post. Here is the Google cache. Please DO NOT add additional comments. Oh, and sorry, Ron, but nothing ever disappears! And, now the punchline:]

I really hope he doesn't quit. And I certainly hope he doesn't change his humor. That would be so wrong.

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