Saturday, May 28, 2005

Headline News: 5/28/2005

From ABC News:
Why Insurgents Seek Victory by Suicide Bomb
They don't understand the meaning of victory

From ABC News:
Internet Report Says Zarqawi Back at Post
If only it was a post to which he could be tied, then shot

From ABC News:
Nepal king says aims to hold polls in stages
Got idea from U.S. Democrats: 1) Lose election, 2) File lawsuit, 3) Lose lawsuit, 4) Whine like babies for 4 years

From ABC News:
Philippines, Iraq Are Dangerous for Press
TV press, print press dangerous for U.S.

From ABC News:
Judges Still Reading Khodorkovsky Verdict
Having trouble getting past the "Khodorkovsky" part

From ABC News:
Court Hears Falwell Web Domain Arguments
Wants domain-squatter to release ""

From ABC News:
Feds Shut Web Site in Piracy Crackdown
William Teach now a fugitive

From ABC News:
Mom Gets Four Times the Surprise
Husband finally discovers importance of the "little man in the boat"

From CNN:
The Who needs your help
But only now, after two members died from drugs and alcohol

From CNN:
Smoke, Mirrors and the Next Generation
Fans shocked to learn the Enterprise-D doesn't really fly

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