Sunday, May 29, 2005

Headline News: 5/29/2005

From WGAL:
Teen driving to school hits barn
Dad was wrong

From CNN:
Suspense builds before French vote
American media barely able to ignore the story

From Washington Post:
WW2 bombs found in Italy, thousands evacuated
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Some See 'Moral Values' Hijacked by the Right
Usually, it's people with no morals or no values that think this

From ABC News:
Ticket Against Jaywalking Chicken Tossed
"Getting to other side" ruled justified reason

From ABC News:
Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Teen
Still considered coolest mom ... ever

From ABC News:
Qaeda says Zarqawi leading anti-govt attacks-Web
In other news ... sun rises in east

From ABC News:
Oliver Stone Arrested on Drug Suspicion
Hard to believe high-profile conspiracy nut may actually do drugs

From ABC News:
Socialist Leads U.S. Senate Race in Vt.
Who knew state that elected Howard Dean leaned far to the left?

From CNN:
Englishman wins Indy 500
Drove 500 miles in wrong lane


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  2. A Socialist In The Senate

    While one might want to focus a certain amount of disgist towards Vermont's Socialist Son, but I think the primary focus needs to be applied to the voters of Vermont. They've already given us "Jumpin'" Jim Jeffords and Howard "the Screamer" Dean - and ...


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