Thursday, May 26, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn vs. Writer's Block

It spread like wildfire through the blogosphere. Word was out, and many were shocked, stunned, or too numb to know if they were shocked or stunned.

Evil Glenn Reynolds® has a case of writer's block. While he is the sworn enemy of the Alliance, he is a lawyer and we must tread carefully. With that in mind, Harvey said he wanted to know how Evil Glenn Reynolds® handles writers block. So, I set to work trying to find how he handles it. Then I found the answer, and it was surprisingly simple:

He seeks professional help.


  1. Good one, basil, good one. :)

  2. We're Out Of The Closet

    Basil has 'outed' us, sort of. It's not that SC&A have anything to hide, but there are times we like to keep our therapy to the blogging stars, private

  3. You'll be hearing from our lawyers and the Viennese Psychiatric Association for the Promulgation of Electro-Shock Therapy.

  4. Glenn Reynolds - Comedy GENIUS!

    Blogfather: I have with me tonight Ann Althouse. Mrs. Ann Althouse.
    Ms. Althouse: Ms.
    Blogfather: You have a new theory about the blogosphere.
    Ms. Althouse: Can I just say here Glenn for one moment that I have a new theory about the blogosphere?...

  5. He He
    They said: Promulgation
    He He.

  6. I haven't promulgated since I was in high school. I almost got caught.

  7. Filthy Lie Roundup: Evil Glenn vs. Writer's Block

    It's the most feared thing for all bloggers. Scarier than a power outage, more nerve wracking than a plane trip with a dozen screaming toddlers, and more terrifying than the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. OK, maybe not the last

  8. Heh..what a hoot! What kind of puppies are in the blender of the evil one?

  9. Thanks. Oh, and it doesn't matter. They all taste the same.


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