Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lunch: 5/31/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:

  • Beth answers the question: "What is the Cotillion?" (Hint: It's Babe Blogging!)

  • The Therapist says Zarqawi and Bin-Laden are still working together.

  • Knowledge Is Power has a photo of the new French prime minister.

  • Kim (Ramble Strip) laughs at famous people.

  • Red State Rant says there's a story developing in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Thanks for the great links, as usual.

    Does your boss know you spend all your time finding great links for us to follow? ;-)

    Have a great one!

  2. Basil's blinking Linking

    Basil brings us his usual great bunch o' links for lunch. This time with a picture of the new French Prime Minister and a new lady-blogging bunch....

  3. Brits Told to Wear Underwear

    The British Ministry of Defense has ordered military personnel to remember to put on underwear beneath their uniforms. Apparently, service members without underwear are ...

  4. A Test of Faith

    Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor for National Review Online, has a very meaningful interview with Stephen Mansfield, the author of The Faith of the American Soldier, which ex...

  5. Letting in on a secret: TypePad allows me to create posts ahead of time and schedule them to appear at any desired date and time.

    For that reason, sometimes the meal-time posts contain links to day-old posts or to early morning posts.

    Sometimes I bring my laptop with me on occasion, and make last-minute changes to lunchtime posts.

    Sorry to disappoint.


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