Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blogrolling 2007-04-24

Some items of interest from the blogroll.

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  1. Freedom of Choice Act Officially Introduced in Congress...

    No rest for the weary! We knew that sooner or later this type of legislation would be revitalized under a Democratic Congress.

  2. [...] even put on a show) protections for. I have more sympathy for China haters like Sin City (hat tip, Basil) trying hard to get banned by “Don’t be evil … unless a commisar asks [...]

  3. This Week's Christian Carnival...

    Just a reminder that I'll be hosting this week's Christian Carnival. It'll be up tomorrow! Send your submissions to me at praisingfool@yahoo.com...

  4. [chuckle]

    Leave it to you, Basil, to point out what I was trying to ignore. [grin]

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Check your child's MySpace...

    Hopefully, most parents keep up with their child's account on MySpace. I know my daughter does for 4 children. She is sitting there with them. But, one father got some unexpected news when he read his son's MySpace!...

  6. [...] LINK: Yankee Sailor |Leaning Straight Up | Perri NElson | Basils Blog | Pirates Cove | Freedom of Choice | Amboy Times | Adam’s Blog | Third World Country | Random [...]


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