Friday, April 27, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-27

From Fox News:
6 Penn State Players Charged Over Off-Campus Fight
All future fights must be on-campus

From Fox News:
Georgia Wildfires Flare Up Again, Force Repeat Evacuations
Waycross destryed, damage in the dozens of dollars

From Fox News:
Massachusetts Catholic School Bars Same-Sex Couple From Prom
May apply again after entering priesthood

From Fox News:
Player Wounded in Shooting Sues Duquesne University
Blames PR department for not being as effective as Virgina Tech's

From Fox News:
Rhode Island College DJs Fired for Repeating Imus Comments
John Cleese leads stoning

From Fox News:
Ohio Fraud Defendant Released on Bond After Reciting Bible's 23rd Psalm
Judge sentences man to learn 8th Commandment

From Fox News:
Condom Found in McDonald's Happy Meal, Reports Say
Test markets of Really Happy Meal a success

From Fox News:
Drew Barrymore Named People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful' Person
People Magazine's "Hire the handicapped" program a success

From Fox News:
Spanish Judge Indicts 3 U.S. Soldiers Over Journalist Killing in Iraq
Charges reduced to misdemeanor when judge discoverd it was a journalist

From News Austrailia:
Harry's Head Priced At $625,000
Price is so high because it's never been used

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