Thursday, April 26, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-26

From ABC News:
GOP Hopeful Huckabee's Son Arrested for Gun
Endorsed by NRA

From ABC News:
China Invites U.S. Food Inspectors
To include representatives from AKC

From ABC News:
Alec Baldwin Is Sorry
Rest of world discovers what conservatives knew years ago

From ABC News:
Sheryl Crow Clears the Air About Toilet Paper Comments
Now wearing Glade Plug-Ins

From ABC News:
Is Internet Love More Likely to End in Divorce?
Marriages hit Alt-F4

From ABC News:
Canada Announces Greenhouse Gas Targets
Greenhouse Gas Wal-Marts planned next

From ABC News:
N. Koreans on Hunger Strike in Thailand
Even starving Koreans won't eat Thai food

From ABC News:
Entrepreneur Enterprise
Ferengis buy starship

From ABC News:
Vivid New Pictures of a Violent Sun
Police called

From ABC News:
'Monster Mash' Singer Pickett Dies at 69
He's now a graveyard smash

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