Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-17

From Reuters:
33 dead in Virginia shootings: university president
Reid, Pelosi call for U.S. to withdraw from Virginia

From Reuters:
Stone-throwing fracas mars Madonna's Malawi visit
How fracas obtained stones still unclear

From Reuters:
Asians fear backlash after Virginia school shooting
TSA takes over school security, to profile grey-haired grandmothers

From Reuters:
Virginia Tech massacre "senseless tragedy": Pope
Says Halocaust was tragedy that made sense

From Reuters:
Graceland lures Elvis fans 30 years after King's death
Graceland is such a slut

From Reuters:
O.J. Simpson book sale canceled
Public already knows how he did it

From Reuters:
U.S. woman first to run Boston marathon in orbit
Hard part was getting Boston in orbit

From Reuters:
White House threatens veto of drug price bill
Wants street price to come down

From ABC News:
Seattle Man Charged in Bizarre Duck Case
Earl Billings arrested

From Reuters:
Protesters burn effigies after Gere kisses Shilpa
Gerbil supporters riot

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