Thursday, April 5, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-05

From CNN:
Elizabeth Edwards gets good news on treatment
Will be able to use cancer as fund-raising hook for remainder of campaign

From CNN:
Most tax friendly places 2007
Democrats personally greet visitors to floor of House

From CNN:
'Scary Movie' actress Anna Faris divorcing
Scary part just beginning

From CNN:
Scare prompts pet owners to retreat to own kitchens
Cat Casserole a hit

From WMUR:
Police search for home invaders
Follow-up to Space Invaders game still missing

From KERO:
Fence thwarts inmate in escape attempt
State may put up fences around other prisons

From KMBC:
Police: Jogger finds body in creek
Plans to stop jogging in creeks

From KSAT:
Price doubles for boy's heart transplant
Ordered undercoating, extended warranty

From KSAT:
Surprise! There's a snake in the truck
Samuel L. Jackson films sequel

From KMGH:
Dead horse found buried at boarding facility
Property owner at loss to explain, horse was alive when placed in hole

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