Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Blog Carnival #86

New Blog ShowcaseThe revitalized Showcase Carnival ... sometimes called the New Blog Showcase ... sometimes called the Carnival of New Blogs ... sometimes called ... well, it seems everyone calls it something different. But the site calls it the New Blog Carnival. So, that's what we'll call it.

The bottom line is, this is the Showcase for New Blogs -- blogs less than three months old.

And, there are some good ones in the crop showing up this week. Let's take a peek.

The Ominous Comma made its debut into this world back on February 1. And by March, Brent (the proprietor of the site) was offering tips that could come in useful. Such as Ten Ways to Not Get Mugged. Here's a sampling:
4. Transform into a werewolf.
If you have any lycanthropic tendencies, now is the time to explore them.

A very useful tip, especially if your last name is Chaney. Or, maybe even if it's Cheney.

Energies of Creation came onto the scene in late January. For the Showcase, Lexi Sundell submitted the post Center of the Sun, shows the painting of the title, and tells about its effect on two women.
In both cases, the woman noticed the Center of the Sun, paused, and then started looking at the painting with more intensity. Both began sobbing. Somewhat in shock, I listened to each lady tearfully tell me of their hearts opening, remembering beauty and passion in their lives. They were utterly overwhelmed by their feelings.

Tired of working? Take a break! is exactly what it sounds like ... a place to take a break from work ... and to get some tips about work. Like What to do when your boss is a moron. Denise Olesky asks:
Do you feel your boss doesn't handle issues as he should? Does he or she brush off real problem situations and only concentrate on trivial details? Does your boss not listen to your ideas and only put forth his own? How about imposing impossible deadlines or expectations ... sound familiar? Do your emails and phone calls go unreturned?

If you say yes, give that post a read.

You say there aren't enough fake news sites out there? Well, then, you're in luck!

PiDDLE News Network debuted in 2006, but hasn't been doing much lately ... until recently.

Although technically not a new blog ... that is, less than 90 days old ... it debuted in the timeframe the New Blog Showcase went dormant, so I think it's only fair it get into the Showcase.

Though no specific entry was submitted ... rather an entry for the entire blog ... the most recent post as of this writing was about a certain Senator from New York and a certain young wizard from Hogwarts.

Frankly, my dear... wasn't submitted by the blog author ... but by a fan of the site. Linda (AKA "bama2") has made the jump from blog commenter to blogger. And she's having fun on her own blog.

Although not strictly a pet blog, she has a couple of recent posts about pets ... hers and others. A post timed to the Easter season tells about her memories of a bunny she once had.

I hope you'll find this week's class, though small, is a fun mix. I expect you'll visit these blogs many, many more times in the future.

Next week's New Blog Carnival will be featured over at Steal The Blinds. I'd bet on another good crop of new blogs next week.


  1. Fan, I have a fan?! Does this mean I can sign autographs and attend special events? Oh, wait, I think I'm letting it go to my head! HA I didn't know about this and no, I'm not just about pets, although I love 'em! What about Yellow Mama? If only I had had my picture taken sitting in the electric chair! heh But I was only going to talk to the warden so I didn't taken a camera! Would've been unique, but creepy! How would the guys housed in the same building have felt seeing such jovial activity in the chair that was gonna zap them right out of life? Oh well, thank you so much whoever you are! Tell your friends! heh

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  3. Basil..
    You are so wonnerful..
    Thank you so much!

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