Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-25

From ABC News:
Dems Predict a Win on Iraq Pullout Vote
Thanks Al-Qaeda for support on vote

From ABC News:
Pelosi to Skip Top U.S. General in Iraq's Briefing
Couldn't cancel meeting with Osama

From ABC News:
26 Killed in Chinese Bus Crash
Chinese Fire Drill goes horribly wrong

From ABC News:
Queen of England to Pay Tribute to Virginia Tech Victims
Commissions Elton John to re-write "Candle In The Wind"

From ABC News:
Winnie the Pooh Forces Post Office Evacuation
Was shooting at Eyore

From ABC News:
What's Next for Ex-Duke Prosecutor, Players?
Players write book, "If I Did It"

From ABC News:
Life after rape in Congo
Kennedys show vacation pictures

From ABC News:
Cheney returns to work after leg check-up
Wound from Reid bite healing nicely

From ABC News:
Gay male parents get dedicated fertility program
Will be told where penis is supposed to go

From ABC News:
Men who want children should skip the hot tub
Hot tub sales skyrocket

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  1. Don't you see what's going on here? Winnie the Pooh has become a terrorist. This was obviously a "dry run" before his real attack.


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