Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Play Ball!

Columbus Catfish logoI've been waiting for months ... and today's the day!

At 7:00 tonight ... or shortly afterwards ... the first pitch of the 2007 Columbus Catfish baseball season happens.

And I'll be there.

At least, I think I'll be there. I have tickets.

Okay, I don't have tickets. But I bought tickets. Like, two months ago.

But they haven't sent them out, yet. Or called me to tell me they're ready for me to pick them up.

I went by the other day to ask about them. They said their ticket stock hadn't arrived. They ordered new stock with a Devil Rays logo. I hope Tampa Bay helped pay for part of it. But I understand they didn't.

So, I've shelled out the bucks for tickets this season ... and don't have my tickets.

But, unless something comes up, I'll be in my regular seat behind home plate tonight.

It'll be different, since none of the players from last year are back this year. That's because of the switch from the Dodgers to the Devil Rays farm system. So, all the faces are new. Except for the one local boy on the team.

So, with all new faces, it'll be a whole new team ... and a new beginning.

I really enjoy baseball ... and look forward to 70 home games ... a few away games ... and, who knows? Maybe some playoff games.

That'd be great.

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  1. Coolio! Play ball!!! Our season opener is tonight as well.


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