Friday, April 20, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-20

From CNN:
Columbine survivor: Emotional roller coaster ahead
Being stalked by Michael Moore next

From CNN:
Students disgusted by killer's manifesto
Didn't approve of killing spree, either

From CNN:
Bush, Democrats fail to bridge differences over Iraq
Agreement not possible as long as Bush refuses to cut and run

From CNN:
Chinese officials crack down on bad English
Thousands charged with Vioration of Engrish Ranguage Raws

From CNN:
'Law & Order' renewal still uncertain
Network reserves right to nip Fred Thompson presidential run

From CNN:
Spector's jurors already think he's guilty
Having actually committed murder weighs against him

From CNN:
Congo criticized over child soldiers
Democrats still support Al-Qaeda child bombers

From CNN:
Fires threaten Georgia's Okefenokee refuge
Residents may have to start marrying outside family

From WGAL:
Police: Phony cop attacked woman
Phony woman had big suprise for phony cop

From KIRO:
Police: Burglar shoots self in foot
Barney Fife: A cop gone wrong

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