Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-11

From ABC N ews:
Possible '08 Candidate Thompson Has Cancer
Hillary overcomes final obstacle

From ABC News:
Sen. McCain Says War Is 'Necessary and Just'
Democrats slam Senator for using words they don't understand

From ABC News:
Katie Couric Producer Fired for Plagiarism
CBS Anchor to keep job as long as 'boobs stay perky'

From ABC News:
High School Touts First Integrated Prom
1960s finally arrive in Ashburn, GA

From ABC News:
Disk With Data on 2.9M Georgians Lost
One-third of states tractors at risk

From ABC News:
Former Dead Manager Turns on His Jail Cell Light
Has been afraid of dark since resurrection

From ABC News:
Beware, It's Not the Year to Cheat the Tax Man
Cheating to be legalized in 2009

From ABC News:
Health Department Admits Flaws in Rat Infestation
Next rat infestation to go off without a hitch

From ABC News:
Could Google Have Prevented the Iraq War?
Yahoo! blamed

From ABC News:
Democratic Hopefuls Debate How to End Iraq War
Half want to run away crying, others simply raise white flag


  1. The boobs that watch CBS are more grumpy than perky.

  2. Wednesday...

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