Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-18

From ABC News:
Find Out How to Catch Depression Early
Join the Democratic Party

From ABC News:
White House Secret Service Hurt in Gun Mishap
Dick Cheney's gun safety class goes awry

From ABC News:
Majority Expect U.S. Will 'Lose' in Iraq
Democrats' strategy paying off

From ABC News:
Missing U.S. Teacher May Have Fallen Off Cliff
Cliff able to breathe again

From ABC News:
Christie's Auctions Prehistoric Objects
Date with Dick Clark fetches record amount

From ABC News:
In presidential race, French resign themselves to pragmatism
History of surrender finally pays off

From ABC News:
Whale Is Spotted in New York Harbor
Striped elsewhere

From ABC News:
Vivid New Pictures of a Violent Sun
Sol blamed for Va. Tech shootings

From ABC News:
'Amphibian Ark' Planned to Save Frogs
God's Plan B begins

From ABC News:
Charles Dickens Theme Park Set to Open
Most popular ride: Estella

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