Friday, April 13, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-13

From ABC News:
Rutgers Team: We Accept Don Imus Apology
Other nappy-headed hos still waiting for visit from Imus

From ABC News:
Medical First: Frozen Egg & Sperm Newborn
Test tube Eskimo born

From ABC News:
Priest Defrocked Amid Sex Accusations
Not first time frock removed

From ABC News:
Ohio Man Accused of Working With al Qaeda
Ohio Democratic Party chair arrested

From ABC News:
Phone Number Dream Leads Man to New Bride
Only has to pay $2.50/minute after marriage

From ABC News:
Giant Squirrel Raps Wordsworth Poem
MC Nutz releases latest CD

From ABC News:
Man Sentenced for Printing Lewd Stickers
Imus' "Nappy-Headed Ho" bumper stickers lead to trouble

From ABC News:
Civil Suit Possible as 'Humiliated' Duke DA Asks Forgiveness
Says Imus situation explains why he took side of nappy-headed ho

From ABC News:
Turkish Army Seeks OK for Iraq Raids
Suddenly, March 2003 decision seems like bad idea *

From ABC News:
Scientists Map DNA of Research Monkeys
Bush to be cloned

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