Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Headline News 2007-04-24

From CNN:
Reid: Congress will pass Iraq bill within days
Urges president to sign surrender document

From CNN:
'Active' Castro meets China envoy
Filming begins for "Weekend At Fidel's"

From ABC News:
Letterman Plays Washington
Leno plays Jefferson

From ABC News:
Swedish Hospital May Ban Crocs
Alligators, Monitor Lizards may also be restricted

From ABC News:
Obama Blasts Bush's Leadership
Cites own months of experience

From Reuters:
U.S. sees 200th DNA conviction reversal
Still not reliable enough to convict O.J.

From Reuters:
Abbott makes AIDS drug offer to Thailand
Costello thwarts plan

From ABC News:
Ali, Ono Swing To the Top of 'Dancing'
Former heavyweight champ, Lennon widow surprise pair

From NY Daily News:
Hillary Loves Harriet Tubman
Thinks she's sexy

From BBC:
Crow calls for limit on loo paper
Fewer men wanting to date singer


  1. Tuesday...

    basil's blog: Headline News Right Jokester: Scientology State Next? Suldog-O-Rama: A Big Fat Bunch of Lies Semi-Open Trackbacks: If you have something funny to share, link to this post and send a trackback.......

  2. "fewer men wanting to date singer."

    ROTFLMAO - which means I won't be needing my TP ration, of course, so that's the good news.


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