Sunday, December 25, 2005

Best. Christmas. Eve. Ever.

In years past, Christmas Eve has been spent at different locations. For my first couple of decades, it meant spending that evening with my mother's parents, Grandma and Papa.

But, as the family grew and changed, holiday celebrations changed.

Divorce happens, children grow, new marriage happens, grandchildren arrive ... Things change.

Now, on Christmas Eve, the grandchildren come here (to Mee-mee and Papa's) at noon for dinner and opening presents. Then to Wife's mother for supper and more presents.

The grandchildren arrived a little early on Christmas Eve and played while they waited on eating dinner. I had to finish wrapping Wife's Christmas present (digital video camera) after it was fully charged. So I headed to the "room in the back" that the grandchildren aren't supposed to go into.

While I was trying to find a box that would hold the camera and accessories, Wife came to the door and I ran her out. But she insisted that I come out for something. So I did.

I followed her down the hall and there were the grandchildren sitting on the couch and their mothers standing there with an s***-eating grin on their faces. Then the wife continued talking about who knows what. Best as I could tell, she was talking just to talk.

She was.

For when she finally finished, I was standing in the living room and everyone was quiet and looking at me. I almost checked my fly, but then noticed someone sitting in the rocking chair at my elbow. It was my daughter.

She had spent the last couple of days in Atlanta with her boyfriend and his family, attending events and eating dinner with Saxby Chambliss and other folks, I found out. And here she was to spend Christmas Eve with us.

We all visited for a bit then ate dinner. Lasagna. Then sat and visited for a bit afterwards. It was wonderful.

The grandchildren wanted to open presents, but Wife kept putting them off. I found out why.

After a bit, another vehicle pulled into the yard and my son stepped out.

Not only had Wife arranged for my daughter to come visit, she had arranged for my son to come visit also.

After he ate, we opened presents and watched the grandchildren play.

Stayed until after supper, having to get to their mother's before midnight. But they seemed to have a good time while they were here.

I know I did.

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  1. I am glad you had a good day together. We had a good time on Christmas.Rnjoyed your children...they are so grown!
    Missed Grandma... missed you and your family...
    and I am glad you had a good Christmas.


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