Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Breakfast 12-21-2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Christmas Past

    No ghosts, just thinking back to some of my favorite gifts from my youth. There are four things I received as a child that still stick out in my mind. I don't remember the years or the order, but here they are:
    I don't even remember what they calle...

  2. Maggie: A Lady of Dignity

    Maggie, now Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, is in our heart and prayers and we can never be thankful enough for her help in keeping the West out of the left's evil control.


  3. Two Courts, Two different Decisions

    Two court cases settled today. One that everyone is talking about. The second which nobody is talking about.

  4. What do 18 year old drunk girls and Johnny Damon

    What are 18 year girls to do around here? Well, it seems to me we're going to have to build some more strip clubs for them to work at.

  5. The Knucklehead of the Year awards

    Finally the time has arrived. To much fanfare, the first Knucklehead of the year awards have arrived.

  6. Toughs at Tufts

    Under the category of new discoveries: I have just become aware there are “conservatives” at Tufts University. Now that is news! Apparently they have been there for a few years and even have a magazine - “The Primary Source”....

  7. Benjamin Netanyahu wins big 47% in four-man...

    Okay, tonight, the results so far are in for the Likud primaries, and it looks like Benjamin Netanyahu's won by a 15 percent margin over Silvan Shalom for chairmanship.

  8. Happy Holidays to All

    Well, this is depressing. An inferior life form has managed to hit the nail on the head about what's gone wrong with Christmas this year. I must be getting old. Some time ago, I wrote about the recent discovery by...

  9. Celebration of the Heart

    May the spirit of kindness flow to you all...

  10. Thanks for the Basilanche you've rained upon Radioactive Liberty!

  11. Ha! Oh, yeah. I imagine your server could barely keep up!

    Seriously, you're quite welcome.


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