Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lunch 12-20-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. Cat Caption Contest

    This kitty pic will give you the warm fuzzies. But the best caption will make you laugh. Have at it. (Keep it fairly family-friendly :-)

  2. Odd and Odder

    Can a state's chief executive be committed?

  3. Keep whinin' Basil. The Commissar responds to enough whining. I know. That's how I made my first map...

  4. The Arsenal of Rinonia!

    The Commissar has finished a new map of the Blogkans - Kostria-Wingery. Note that Centro-Rinonia occupies all the good seafront property. Why is this? Simple. In the center of Centro-Rinonia sits the Arsenal of Argghhh!. Right there in Donovia. And...

  5. Me whine? Why, I would never whine! Never! Ever! EVER!

    Besides, I don't think it would do any good.

  6. Heh. IMAO doesn't blogroll me, either. My wife, he blogrolls. Heh again. That sounds odd when you read it out loud, donnit?

    Chin up. Jawa Report and Argghhh! may be the only right wing blogs to sneak into Mortal Human status without an Instalanche - must less a Frank J. link.

    *dons Rob Schneider mask*

    "Yew kin dew it!"

  7. Where Is The Pirate's Cove Hidden?

    Might it finally be time to reveal where the secret port of the Pirate's Cove resides? Sure, what the hell. On the Commissar's map, if you look down at the Adriatic Sea, right off the coast of Diktatia, you will

  8. A few good reads

    Just a few things that've caught my eye the last coupla days... most from a window to the Wonderful World of Links (below) plus a few others. Good stuff, Maynard...

  9. Christmas In The Blogosphere

    I like Christmas. I like the garish trees. I like the commercialism. I like the complaints about commercialism. I like the goodwill toward man. I like the religion. I like the music, music, music.

  10. Basil,

    He was a desperate man in severe financial trouble. All his hopes and dreams had been dashed. Every effort he made failed and put him further into debt.

    He prayed to God every night to allow him to win the lottery. Weeks passed. Finally, his troubles got the best of him. He thought about swimming out to sea, never to return.

    He went to the beach and sat high up on a dune and took in the power and majesty of the roaring ocean before him. He prayed to God one more time.

    "Please God, I need to win the lottery. There's no other way", he said. "Think of my wife and children. And I will do wonderful things for humanity with all the money left after I pay my debts."

    Suddenly, the heavy clouds overhead began to part. The ocean froze in mid-motion. All sound stopped.

    Then he heard it. It was a deep, resonating voice from above.

    "I know. I know. Please buy a ticket!"

  11. Free Poll for Congolese

    While Bush is being grilled, history is being made in several war-torn countries. Following the successes of the Iraqis, the Congo (whose 5 year war took the lives of 4 million people) cast their first free-poll vote in 40 years, in a post war refere...

  12. Hamilton on Freedom

    Were it not for President Bush and over a hundred thousand of our bravest and brightest, tens of millions of Iraqis would still be slaves to the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.


  13. Making Money vs Making a Movie

    Why does Hollywood continue to invest time, talent and treasure into products nobody wants?

    Brokeback Mountain is receiving rave reviews. But seen in only 69 theatres in 21 cities?

    Lots of ink; few viewers.


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