Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lunch 12-15-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. Sore loser

    Its bad enough politics/election results are in courts these days, we sure don't need our judicial system rendering sporting verdicts.

  2. The Iraqi Vote - And Open Trackback

    Let's make this an open trackback. Post your links to other stories about the historical Iraqi election.

  3. Appearance of Rare Sock Colony Encourages Researchers

    We interrupt this blog to bring you the newest field report from my continuing study on the behavioral patterns of the North American Tube Sock (coverinus tubulus Americanus) and its close relatives.Appearance of Rare Sock Colony En

  4. Key Parts of S.Korea Stem Cell Study Faked

    Stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk admitted his landmark work was fabricated

  5. Greed: ANWR

    In the event of a terror strike that cripples ME oil production, we will need this reserve quickly. It should be developed and then held in reserve. Too bad the political pressure to simply squander this important resource will be overwhelming.

  6. Podcast: Don't Oversell The Iraq Election

    Conservatives are ecstatic about the Iraq election today. Liberals are mum. Ah, the sounds of silence.
    But before people get too carried away, they might want to look at the al-Jazeera Web site.
    People who sneer about bias might consider this, you do...

  7. Stop the ACLU, Save Christmas (Redux)

    Given the ACLU’s clear agenda of removing the CHRIST from CHRISTmas, I thought it important to share with you this music video: Blinkin’ Christmas.


  8. Another Best Selling Apple Product

    The last few years have seen an endless stream of glowing reports on the success of Apple Computer's foray into the music industry. Products like the ipod have become both ubiquitous and emblematic of the perpetual-innovation machine that Apple...


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