Friday, December 9, 2005

Supper 12-09-2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:

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  1. The Year in Sports
    Plame's husband wants Post t The Year in Sports

    Timeout? Uh .... he went thattaway. My other left?
    Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand clear .... the pumpkin toss is about to begin.

  2. Censorship on Christmas

    This 'political correctness' has gone from being silly to absurd! Christmas has been with us for many years.The majority of Americans will celebrate the birth of Christmas on December 25, regardless of how others view the day.

    Stores have been cha...

  3. Islamic summit calls for moderation, relocation of Israel

  4. The Power of the Open Source Media

    I see an emergence of a new type of American militia.
    The information gatherers.

  5. Ode To The Democrats

    With apology to Rudyard Kipling:
    If you can call mocking inmates "torture"
    After ignoring worse abuse before,
    If you can trust yourself on WMD
    But blame Bush for "lying" about the war,
    If you can claim that Triumph is Disaster,
    Or call those ...

  6. The Diplomacy Myth

    Later on we were talking about radical Islam and I was struck by how different our perspectives were on the subject.

  7. Go Bucks!

    Today's Sun-Sentinel has an article on the Bucks and the school's history. Good luck to Deerfield tonight. Win one for yourselves and those who came before you. Dennis Lynch, Mike Ring, Marty Snider, John Weiss, Bart Shiver, Calvin McCoy, Charlie Bro...

  8. Illegal Aliens Taking Congressional Seats Away From States That Don't Support Them

    So you live in a state not affected by illegal aliens, or so you think. Did you know that they count illegal aliens in the census? Well they do and these numbers are put towards how the population is apportioned...


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