Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Supper 12-20-2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. Give money to charity but......

    do a little homework first. Here is an article from the Tampa Tribune. Some charities spend up to 90% on overhead. From my telemarketing experience, I know how little some charities get from the companies they hire who do their calling. That's before...

  2. Puppies Smuggled Across U.S.-Mexico

    Now we know where Glen Reynolds gets his supplies.

  3. Things I learned while Christmas shopping

    It rained this weekend. Hard. Too hard to go Christmas shopping (at least without an ark). This weekend was also the last decent shopping weekend before Christmas, and the last shopping weekend, period, for anyone (like a c

  4. Mid-week Open Trackback For Christmas Shopping

    While I'm tromping all over metro Atlanta doing some Chrtistmas shopping y'all go ahead and put up a few links of note and importance as I step away from the keyboard for a short time.

  5. Celebrating Xmas on the Wrong Date

    Back in the '90s when I was a kid, "Happy Holidays" had not become the "in-thing" for people wanting to avoid saying the c-word. It was Xmas. Signs outside of stores said, "Merry Xmas," so did commercials in an attempt to as one minister put it ...

  6. I Knew It

    When this latest faux scandal broke over the mionitoring of phone calls to al-Qaeda operatives broke, I knew it stunk and I knew its practice had precedent. Today's Drudgereport confirms the latter.
    His scoop is that both Clinton and Carter did the s...

  7. Thanks for the ping, link, visit. Live long and prosper. Oh, just for my ego's sake (let me down gently if you really think it's a bust), what do you think of my silly search string entries? Possible fodder for Carnival of the Vanities? I like writing them, maybe that's what counts the most. lol, lgp

  8. Carnival or Bonfire. Heh.

    Hey, I find they are fun, but also self-perpetuating. I used to regularly feature those, but my featuring just caused them to happen more and more. So I stopped.

    But it is funny.

  9. King of the World

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Wed+Thurs combi-post


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