Monday, December 19, 2005

Headlines News 12-19-2005

From CNN:
Final passage of torture ban nears in Congress
Senators' heads held under water until they agree

From CNN:
Official: Terror head mistakenly released
Unfortunately, his body was released with it

From WGAL:
Black ice surprises drivers
Rev. Jesse Jackson calls report 'racist'

From WCVB:
Snoop Dogg's mom pleads for peace
Hopes Christmas dinner goes better than Thanksgiving

From WEWS:
Plunge from highway bridge was 'a sign'
Driver: Bill Engvall was right*

From KMGH:
Affidavit: Stylist stole Kevin Costner's laptop
Collector of bad movie scripts

From CNN:
Author of Roswell 'flying saucer' news release dies
Bright light he saw on deathbed was just a weather balloon

From CNN:
Cell phone driving on the rise
How cell phones obtained driver's licence still unclear

From CNN:
Groups sue to protect polar bears
Coca-Cola to appeal ruling, continue filming commercials

From CNN:
Weezer singer staying celibate
Rivers Cuomo wants to get laid, but just too ugly

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