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Weekend Brunch 12-11-2005

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From the Best of the Top 250 Blogs category, we start with the blog that actually gets my vote, followed by others that are worthy of my vote:

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  1. Bush: Democracy's Champion

    The Washington Post's "In Iraq, Bush Pushed For Deadline Democracy" confirms what many of us have been saying all along: This war in Iraq is about democracy.
    With the interesting choice of a subhead ("Timeline Yields Constitutional Order, Not Peac...


    The people of the Moslem nations of the world who have had the sword of Damocles hanging over them for a generation need to know that we are there for the long haul.

  3. Costly embarrassment

    Mayor Lois Frankel's excuse that it was due to a secretary's error is as lame as it isn't believable. What do you expect from a knucklehead? The citizens of West Palm Beach should call for this law's repeal. All it is is one waste of money. If Ms. ...

  4. Is Ariel Sharon bluffing?

    Its my opinion that pre-emptive action by Israel is a VERY strong possibility. This nation has never been shy when its come to its national interest. Surrounded by enemies, Israel will take Iran's nuclear program as a threat to its exixtence.

  5. Blog Cast

    Until I figure out how to do podcasts, try this little tidbit:
    Click here to hear "Pryor made Shakespeare's Sister laugh"
    New York Times: Conservative blogs are more effective. Hmm.
    My take:
    Click here to hear Conservativeblogs"

  6. Australian for beer, Riot at the beach

    A text message campaign to take revenge for attacks on lifeguards earlier resulted in thousands of young male Australians fomenting a riot by attacking Lebanese beach goers.

  7. Florida the rules are different here Chapter X

    You just have to love stories like this. A state official forced out of one job by scandal gets re-hired again. Reminds me of this story in Palm Beach County.

  8. Moynihan was right: Shut down the CIA

    Jack Kelly pretty much hits the nail on the head in this article: The spy agency is damaged beyond repair: Abolish it and start over

  9. Calling for the Nanny State

    Democrats meeting here in Florida are convinced that the American people are looking for a sense of "community" but their ideas are for a Nanny State. From an AP story:
    "There is a hunger in America, a hunger for a sense of national community, a h...

  10. The Chronicles of a Movie Experience

    I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe last nite, and thought it was very well made and pretty faithful to the book, though I must admit I had read it years and years ago. The 9:45pm showing last nite wasn't packed, but ...

  11. There Are Two Americas

    What does a liberal think about a failed abortion? Do they sue the abortionist because he deprived them of their constitutionally declared right to kill their pre-born infant?


  12. Condoleezza Rice on a Democratic Peace

    Nestled away on the op-ed page is probably the single-most important article of today’s WaPo Outlook section — and certainly one of the most profound anywhere to date on Iraq, the Global War on Terrorism, and peace through democracy.


  13. Eminent domain in Riviera Beach

    Five liberal knuckleheads in Washington who can't read have opened a can of worms that can endanger anyone's home in this land. The outrage like the one with Riviera has to continue till Kelo is reversed either by the courts or law. Otherwise no one ...

  14. Don't Forget To Vote!

    It's a good thing I'm not a politician. I've discovered I'm absolutely no good at promoting myself so I've decided to start campaigning for other people. Common Sense Runs Wild is a finalist for Best New Blog and of course...

  15. Remember when…

    …we had that special memory? Via my “old friend from kindergarten,” Sgt Hook:
    Remember the time we...

    Please post a comment with a completely fictional memory of you and me. It can be anything you want... good or bad, silly ...

  16. What a laugh - My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - E-Mail?!?! - Ha - won't bother checking the story - just the title floors me - she seems to be too good to answer what "E" she already gets!!! An entry in the "SouthPark" area, a compliment - a NOTHING! The same goes for Cotillion! If it's not Baldilocks or a friend from Canada - I refuse to list these prima donnas or read them.

  17. 71% of Iraqis Say Their Lives Are Going Well

    How are things going in Iraq? Well, why not ask Iraqis, where 71% say things are going well in their lives.

  18. Where Would Jesus Shop?

    Where would Jesus shop? Well, that's not exactly the question that is asked in the lastest WakeUpWalMart ad targeting Wal-Mart. It is, however, the one that is clearly implied. Here's how the Marcus Kabel of the AP describes the ad:...

  19. See, if you had clicked on it, you'd have really appreciated the humor of my statement once you read what was written, since it was NOT asking for more e-mails.

    I cannot speak for Beth, but I suspect she gets more e-mail than I get. And I get more than I can deal with. And I have found (checking back afterwards) many to me that have gone unanswered that deserved an answer, a response, something.

    And that's just on my blog e-mail account. Much less, the other accounts I have.

    I'm not making excuses. I'm just saying that there may be some that have taken my lack of response as a slight, when none was intended.

  20. Chrys,
    Too "good" to answer email? Whatever.
    I see you have a SP thing on your site (I just clicked over.)
    I did a search on my email just now and yes, after doing a lot of cross-checking between "wordpark" emails and "lobster*****" email, I found your email about the South Park thing.
    Like basil said, no slight intended. I can't imagine why you'd take it so personally, or what in the world Cotillion has to do with it either. But if it makes you happy to have a grudge, don't let me try to stop you.

  21. BTW, your South Park thing is up in the gallery.

  22. Beth

    As I have progressed and looked for a permanent settlement to build on - I have maintained the same E-Mail address. I do not remember sending you a request from Lobstershift (guess I could have?) so I assume you are tracking through a link process [where I've linked to "where they play"]. Thanks for taking this segment of time.

    This all started with Basil's post of your E-Mail complaint and with Basil's reply to my statement noting that you do not return E-Mail - I gave up nearly six months ago. Guess you had too much mail then also?

    Beth is the one who decided to offer "toys" [South-Park] - this creates a responsibility to "follow-thru." An auto-response for your E-Mail overload and a file to keep your over-flow in order so that you could reply as you find time (in order received or some system of your own engineering) - whatever rocks you style.

    There are many busy people out there with projects they have started - a great way to connect to others. Some of these extremely busy people take some time to reply - BUT - they DO reply.

    Cotillion you ask: Just noticed that you were a member of Cotillion - I was impressed and inquired the VERY FIRST DAY it was hatched.

    When first writing to Cotillion - I actually had an impressive site. Lot of history to include biographies of famous women (40 or so) [personal Democrat friends were upset with my political "web log" being attached to my "web site" so I've divided them and packed away most of the rest] No reply from Cotillion - just about the only other place besides Beth's site that didn't bother to reply to a SHORT REQUEST.

    Wanted to write for a group at one point - this group still owns my admiration - they at least replied.

    SO - until this E-Mail post came up being too "funny" (in my personal view) to ignore - everyone was just fine floating around in the world ignoring each other.

    Actually being posted in the South Park Gallery eight or more months after a few quite short requests (even stating "I know you're busy") has become irrelevant - take it out or leave it there - your choice.

    You notice over all this time - I did not remove your link to the character! Couldn't have been too much of a "Grudge!" Didn't even want to bother discussing this in this forum - I DID explain (by E-Mail to protect the innocent!) to "Basil's Blog" though because of my respect for him and I felt a need to answer him personally. (as answering your comment - since you took the time to make one)

    SO - my answer is placed here since you did not use my E-Mail address to discuss my addition to your SouthPark Gallery - (understand it to be a reply to my also "public" comment)

    Shoot - over time and witnessing statements in other web logs - I'm not even a SouthPark Republican anyway! There should be more political parties available.

    You'll also notice that none of this means anything - no one else has bothered to comment on anything posted in this listing. Be Well.


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