Friday, December 16, 2005

Lunch 12-16-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. Korean Embryonic Stem Cell Fraud

    This news will undoubtedly rock the ES cell research community back on its heels, and there could be negative financial fallout for research funding in this area as well.


  2. basil, trackback problems? My server is acting up... tried Wizbang and it said you'd already been pinged. Ho hum, luv those tbs.

  3. D'oh! Once again, my plans for world domination are foiled by That Darned Cat

  4. Hah, so there, mine got through... thanks much basil!

    Don, there's still hope... tho don't ask for help from those MSM lapdawgs.

  5. If TypePad ever comes back up, I'll have a post at the Alliance that explains why TrackBacks delay here and at other blogs. It's a good read. ... If I ever get it written :)

    Probably Tuesday.

  6. Yak of the Week (December 16, 2005)

    This week, we are pleased to present the Yak of the Week Award for Historical Accuracy and Dispute Resolution to:The President of Iran.Mahmoud Ahmadinej

  7. Take The ACLU And Points Over The NFL

    I have to give props to the ACLU for suing the NFL.
    That may disappoint my friend, John, over at Stop the ACLU.
    But hear me out.
    The NFL decided this season to pat down every person entering a stadium.
    That's nuts.
    A season ticket holder in San F...

  8. Basil,I know this is old but I was scanning the comments on the Weblog nominations thread and you had me rollllllllllling

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Typepad is Toast. Last week's work lost. Can't post............feel as if my lover left me

  9. Pamela,

    I understand about the blog being down. That hurts so bad, I know.

  10. War and Intel

    There is a reason why a declaration of war is important.

  11. Podcast: Hooray For Spying

    NYT reports Bush authorized domestic spying on al-Qaeda following 9/11. The spies didn't have a court order in all cases. I am supposed to get all worked up over this.
    But my gut reaction is good. Thank God he was president instead of Gore or Kerry, ...

  12. Ta da! Finished! Maybe?

    I think I may have come across a new painting style (by being too busy) hehehe. Normally I would finish a piece like this, by adding expression to the crowd, richness of colors in the foreground, etc...

  13. Watch your rights because it's a Bush-Bush-Bush world

    It was a busy week in Bush-land, and I just wanted to cover some of the higher level points. Bush takes responsibility for Iraqi intelligence The issue I have with this is that wasn’t that the intelligence wasn’t bad (it was bad, and seemin...

  14. Perverted Justice Part II

    Dateline NBC followed up on a story on internet predators and how the private group Perverted Justice spends time roping in perverts who stalk the internet for sex with the young.


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