Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Headlines News 12-14-2005

From CNN:
Iran leader: Holocaust a 'myth'
Israel: Iran president soon to be a 'memory'

From WMUR:
Man charged with trying to blow up car
Inflatable car recovered, returned to owner

From KERO:
Schools teach kids to stand up to bullies
Also teach kids to get beat up by bullies

From WPLG:
Deacon's stolen card bought liquor, lingerie
His story and he's sticking to it

From WRTV:
Police: Man chasing vehicle shot in leg
How vehicle was shot in leg still a mystery

From KPRC:
Texas Rangers join search for student
Rogers, Soriano, Blalock, Teixeira confident in outcome

From CNN:
Teen under surgery for 16-pound tumor
Thought it was a really big zit

From ABC News:
Iraq's Wolf Brigade Said to Be Effective, at Times Brutal
Wolf Blitzer's cousin top newsman in Middle East

From ABC News:
Humans in England May Go Back 700,000 Years
Time machine to begin operation Saturday

From ABC News:
Dr. Andrew Weil Says Americans Are Obsessed with Youth
Particularly Lisa Lynette Clark, Matthew Koso

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