Thursday, December 8, 2005

War Eagle?

Just up the road, just over 30 minutes away, is a major university. Auburn University.

Auburn made news in late 2004 by going 13-0 in football and being left out of the BCS "championship" game. But this year, they're making news at the end of the year for another reason entirely: the Auburn "holiday" tree.

No, it's not to be called a Christmas tree. It's a "holiday" tree.

And some students at Auburn are upset about it. According to news reports, Auburn has had a "holiday" tree since 2000, but Laura Steele, a senior at Auburn and head of the school's College Republicans, wants it changed back to Christmas tree. And many other students have joined her.

I find it a little ironic that Auburn is being politically correct in regards to naming the tree.

Why, you ask?

The Auburn Tigers have a battle cry: "War Eagle!" The big deal about that? Well, there are several stories about the origins of "War Eagle."

The most popular is about a Confederate soldier's eagle that circled the field duing their first football game with Georgia. Most of the others involve Carlisle Indian Industrial School (where Jim Thorpe played). Another involves eagle feathers from an Indian war bonnet.


A Confederate soldier? Not very politically correct.

An Indian player? Not very politically correct.

An Indian war bonnet? Not very politically correct.

It seems that whatever the orgin of the cry, it's not politically correct.

So, if Auburn continues to let the politically correct crowd dictate the naming of the Christmas tree as a "holiday" tree, why don't they drop the politically incorrect "War Eagle?"


  1. I just posted about the whole "let's not call it Christmas" thing on another site. I suggested that those who don't want anything to do with Christmas should not have the day off, but work for those of us who celebrate it.

  2. Right on dragonlady. I see it like this, if you don't want to call it Christmas then don't, but don't try and tell me I can't call it Christmas.

  3. Oh and BTW basil, I am surprised we said nothing of John Lennon's death yesterday, which was the 25th year of his death. Yes I know this post has nothing to do with this but.... just thought i'd say somthing. You know how I love this Beatle.


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