Monday, December 12, 2005

Headlines News 12-12-2005

From Reuters:
'Daily Show' halts production following suicide
Will continue making fun of 2,000 dead soldiers on Tuesday

Scientists create mice with human brain cells
Sequel to Steinbeck's novel planned

From CNN/SI:
NY teams file plans for new billion dollar home
Big Apple's homeless take comfort in knowing Jets, Giants have a new home

From WISN:
Police: Woman bites off officer's fingertip
Wendy's worker arrested

From CNN:
Wikipedia author: False entry was joke
Unlike CBS fake memo story

From CNN:
Web site focuses on happy news
Averages 3 hits per day

From CNN:
Report: California not ready for tsunami
Colorado to offer suggestions

From CNN:
Face transplant woman speaks out
Tells reporters: "Urrrrgghhh. Urrrggghhh. Urrgh urrgghh urghhh."

From CNN:
College students get pig's-eye view of history
Michael Moore's new documentary debuts


  1. Hilarious stuff basil. "Urrrrgghhh. Urrrggghhh. Urrgh urrgghh urghhh." is just so wrong but so funny.

  2. Silly Search Strings

    dane bramage + michael harrison: What?! I know who Dane Bramage is. But who is Michael Harrison! Probably the guy trying to rip off our headline humor idea which Dane and I ripped off from Basil.

  3. Scientists create mice with human brain cells:

    One expresses desire to take over world, the other just says 'Narf!'

  4. Bob:
    Say, that's a lot better than what I had!

  5. Pinky and the Brain, all right!

    Here's a somewhat relevant satire:

  6. Happy News?

    Found THIS POST over at Basil's. And if you scroll through it, you will find a headline on a web site focusing on Happy News. Want to read some news on "U.S. troops rescuing two cheetah cubs in Ethiopia and...


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