Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Loyal Opposition

I read an article by Sigmund, Carl and Alfred yesterday where the topic was about the "loyal opposition."

I've seen and heard that phrase used a lot regarding Democrats and the Bush administration. But I don't care for that phrase.

Oh, it's a proper phrase when used in proper context. But I don't see, with few examples, many Democrats who would be considered "loyal opposition." Joe Lieberman would be "loyal opposition."

But Lieberman is on the outs with the Democrats because he isn't in lock-step with the leadership of the Democratic party.

Now, I know some Democrats. My father is one. And I've voted for Democrats. And, I expect, I'll vote for more. But not on the national level. And doubtful on the state level.

There's a difference between the local Democratic party and the national Democratic party. At least, around here it is. And it's pretty much that way in the South. And in pockets of other areas of the country, but I expect more so in the South.

And on many of the local levels, the Democrats might be considered the "loyal opposition." Because, particularly in the South, many are loyal to their country.

But I really wonder about Democrats at the state level. And I don't wonder, I'm convinced that most Democrats at the national level aren't.

What I see in the leadership of the Democratic party is George McGovern. Cut and run. America is always wrong.

"Surrender monkeys" is the best description I've seen in a while.

While I think the Clintons are some of the worst people in politics today, I don't think that Bill Clinton is a surrender monkey. Nor do I think that Hillary is a surrender monkey. They're just monkeys, but not surrender monkeys. Maybe it's Bill's Arkansas upbringing that keeps him that much in line. Maybe it's Hillary's days as a Goldwater Girl that keeps her in line on this topic.

Like I said, I don't care for the Clintons. I really don't care for the Clintons. But they're a darn sight better than most other Democrats at the national level.

I don't think most national Democrats are "loyal opposition." They're opposition, to be sure. But they darn sure aren't loyal Americans.


  1. Let us put your concerns to rest.

    Our use of the term, 'Loyal Opposition', was meant to be sarcastic.

  2. Yes, I understood. I wasn't directing anything towards you, except perhaps a reader or two. My apologies for not being clear on that point.
    Rather than contradicting what you said, I was inspired by it.


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