Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Headlines News 12-20-2005

From CNN:
What's heaven like, Barbara Walters?
Good Lord, I hope not!

From WKMG:
Accidental 'cowboy' shooting kills man
First 'Brokeback Mountain' murder reported

From WRTV:
Police merger, gay rights measures pass
Gay cops celebrate

From KPRC:
Earthquakes moving to Houston
Hurricanes, tornadoes call in reinforcements

From CNN:
Bush: Secret wiretaps will continue
Adds: "They're not so secret anymore"

From CNN:
Stem cells proving popular gift
'Late-term Abortion Elmo' flying off shelves

From CNN:
Judge: No 'intelligent design' in Pennsylvania classes
No intelligent judge in court

From CNN:
Bush: Wiretaps disrupt the enemy
Al-Qaeda: Thank Allah the Democrats are on our side

From CNN:
Cheney cuts short Asia-Mideast trip
Must get back to running country

From Fox News:
Senators Want to Know Bush Wiretap Authority
Reid: "What is this 'Constitution' I keep hearing about? Never heard of it."

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