Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Headlines News 12-21-2005

From CNN:
Police officers fired for New Orleans beating
Jobs waiting on them in Los Angeles

From CNN:
Saddam Hussein: We were beaten by the Americans
Former dictator held in Los Angeles

From CNN:
African countries look for tourism boost
Approaching the Dutch "for old time's sake"

From KPRC:
Women use sex appeal to steal
No men have yet complained

From CNN:
Hundreds gather for Williams' funeral
None honor his victims

From CNN:
Study: Gorillas go through menopause
Any time they want to

From CNN:
Letterman subject of restraining order
Complainant gives top ten reasons Letterman must stay away

From CNN:
Gifford, Meredith join ABC's final 'MNF'
Cosell did not return ABC's calls

From CBS News:
Iran Expects Birth of Cloned Sheep in February
Iran sex industry to experience boom

From ABC News:
Santa Gets Government OK to Fly
FISA court bypassed again

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