Thursday, December 15, 2005

Breakfast 12-15-2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Diamonds and Perfume

    Basil, what a truly touching story your watch story was. I guess we were somewhat on the same train of thought.. (Only my jewelry post seems a bit shallow) :/ Happy Holidays...

  2. Don't ya just hate it...

    ...when you dream a perfectly good blogpost and it all just dispapears when you wake up? ... Is there a Bloggers Anonymous?

  3. Photos from Tookie Protest

    Zombie, the chronicler of the bizarre and wacky world of protests in California, has put up photos from the death penalty protest outside of San Quentin.

  4. Evidence of the "Australian Intifada"


    This frequently-updated post is similar to my controversial Evidence the "Paris Riots" Are Actually the "French Intifada."

    One of the ways the blogosphere is the perfect illustration of Hayek's theory of "spontaneous generatio...

  5. Zionism and its Impact

    Ami Isseroff concentrates her intellectual energies on debunking the lies about Zionism on the internet. Zionism and its Impact Effect of Zionist Settlement on Arab Palestinian Economy and Society What was actual impact of Zionist Settlement on the Ara...

  6. Bringing Predators to School

    A bleeding heart, in an effort to help trouble makers, will damage children on the right path.

  7. Great Catch Mr. Vazquez!

    Some miraculous news from New York. Both Mother and child are doing well, which is what matters.


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