Friday, December 16, 2005

TypePad Down

TypePad DownIn case you haven't noticed, TypePad is having major problems.

See this for further details.[<<UPDATED!] Or this.

Essentially, the sites are up, but with old posts. They say two days old, but I see some sites that are nearly a week old. Regardless, they're down (current content-wise) and are trying to get back up. They may be back up in five minutes. Or next week. Who knows? It's been all day, and they're not back up yet. And that's a problem for many, many blogs.

Anyway, some months ago, Mu.Nu blogs experienced a similar outage. Now, blogs are more of a community ... or cult, I'm not sure which. Regardless, a lot of good blogs were down, and several bloggers joined together to post links to "temporary" homes.

Today, it's TypePad with issues. And this post says "Open TrackBacks," but it's not really.

If you have a TypePad site, but are operating at a temporary location (such as Blogger or some other service), leave a TrackBack from your temporary site so others will be able to find it. Yes, you'll need to link to this post so that the Spam Karma filter will let it through. Plus, it will allow others that find you to get here to find others.

I don't care if you're left-wing, right-wing, or wing-less. If you're impacted by the TypePad outage and are running a temporary site, you're welcome to list it here.

Oh, don't forget, you're also welcome to register at Pyjamas Media (not Pajamas Media) and post there for as long as you like. It's open registration. Anyone can get an author account and publish what they want. Really.

One last thing: If you're looking for the normal Supper post to list your stuff, sorry. Use today's Breakfast or Lunch. The TrackBacks on this post are reserved for TypePad temporary sites or those linking for that topic.

TypePad sites with and their Temporary Solution:

UPDATE: TypePad is back up. Republishing is happening.


  1. Now, blogs are more of a community ... or cult, I'm not sure which.

    It's cult. We've got a seekrit hand shake and everything. I just can't wait for the magic Kool-Aid at the new years eve party!!!!

  2. This service was very nice of you Basil.

  3. can' ... can't.mock.Bush ... ...


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