Friday, December 9, 2005

Headlines News 12-09-2005

From ABC News:
Matt Damon Ties the Knot
Affleck, Damon to honeymoon in Cancun

From ABC News:
Man Creates Paris Hilton Christmas Shrine
Appropriate since she may one day give birth in a stable

From ABC News:
Depressed Hamsters Shed Light on Seasonal Disorder
Rejected by Richard Gere, longs to be a gerbil

From ABC News:
Man Claims Self-Defense in Nun's Death
Killer nuns rampage of death stopped

From ABC News:
Kate Moss to Appear in Virgin Mobile Ad
Spokeswoman for company's "Friends and Crack-heads" plan

From CNN:
Woman, 116, is world's oldest person
Not for long

From KCRA:
Movie theater patrons robbed
"Syriana" doesn't live up to expectations

From WDIV:
Women create stir by praying
Carrying signs opposing troops would have been okay

From New York Times:
Bush Campaigns for a Kennedy
Kennedy capaigns for some bush

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