Thursday, December 22, 2005

Interviews and the Holidays

We're continuing the Blog Interviews throughout the holidays. But we're changing the schedule somewhat.

This weekend, we have Life-Of-Rubin on Saturday, as scheduled. But you may have noticed that Tiffany from Blown Fuse has agreed to move back a week.

You see, we normally have a guy's interview on a Saturday and a girl's on a Sunday. But this Sunday is Christmas. And we don't want to be unfair to Tiffany by running her interview then. And we don't want to double-up on Saturday, because we're wanting each interview to have its own day.

That's why we asked and Tiffany agreed to moved back a week. Her interview will appear Saturday, December 31, and no inteview will appear Sunday, January 1st.

We'll be back to the regular schedule (guy on Saturday, girl on Sunday) the next weekend.

But, Tiffany's moving to the following weekend gives you the chance to ask more questions of her. If you haven't already, click the link to visit her site, and click the link to ask her some questions.

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