Friday, December 9, 2005

Lunch 12-09-2005

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  1. Simple Question on Iraq Dumbfounds Democrats

    Here is an article with a fascinatingly revealing interview with Nancy Pelosi and a collection of statements by her fellow Democrats on the inconstancies in regards to the pullout of troops from Iraq. Let me give you a teaser: Mr....

  2. Microscopic Marketing and Marriage, an Update

    This is an update on The Million Dollar Home Page. I was a skeptic. I succumbed. I'm a sucker. (For a Purple Cow.) So last week I tell Charmaine, "I just bought ad space on The Million Dollar Home...

  3. Get lost

    Should be the response of Miami-Dade county residents to the latest attempts by county commissioner to come to an agreement with the MLB Florida Marlins over building a stadium. Team owner Jeffrey Loria has shown himself to be a spoiled brat and has ...

  4. The Israeli Euthanasia Program

    Dr. Death Kevorkian must feel greatly justified having one of the world's great religions sanctify his evil. Our secularized liberal mindset surely looks forward to the day when "foreign law" such as this will become grafted into our constitut...

  5. White Flag Democrats Video

    The RNC unveiled its new "White Flag Democrats" video. The Republicans are taking the upper hand and the higher road. Instead of calling for a retreat, Republicans want to win in Iraq. And instead of calling names, Republicans allow the Loyal Opposit...

  6. Last Chance Pick the President Open Trackbacks

    Well, tomorrow is the final poll in the Pick the President poll. Rudy Giuliani is leading with 46 votes casts, so a few well-placed votes could make a difference.

    I should note that you'll notice a few differences between this and other polls.


  7. Don't Forget To Vote!

    It's a good thing I'm not a politician. I've discovered I'm absolutely no good at promoting myself so I've decided to start campaigning for other people. Common Sense Runs Wild is a finalist for Best New Blog and of course...

  8. Democrat Desperation

    The Democratic Party as a whole is in complete disarray and they are desperately seeking some type of angle to put them back in control of Congress in '06. Fortunately for them the mainstream media is with them every step of the way.

  9. The Party Faithful

    December 10, 2005 Undercover Having lost my soon-to-be-ex-husband to the Republicans, I decided to infiltrate their society with the intent of ultimately subverting it toward more noble, liberal ideals. I carefully executed my strategy. First, I purcha...


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