Friday, December 30, 2005

Headlines News 12-30-2005

From Reuters:
CIA couple outed by 5-year-old son
Karl Rove blamed

From ABC News:
Angry Chihuahuas Attack Cop
Taco Bell riot quelled

From ABC News:
Ankle Device Monitors Alcohol Consumption
Urine detector a hot seller

From ABC News:
Yellow Underwear, Broken China
Drunken New Year's Party highlights White House celebration

From ABC News:
Male Domination of the Internet Is Over, Study Finds
Women discover porn

From ABC News:
PETA Staffer Changes Name to Protest KFC
Wife changes name to "Finger-Lickin' Good"

From ABC News:
Students Accused of Tampering With Milk
Charges reduced from sexual harassment

From ABC News:
Mich. Man Bowls 3rd 300 Game, Then Dies
Satan collects on debt

From Editor & Publisher:
Horse Sex Story Tops 'Seattle Times' Most Popular List for 2005
More horses to vacation in Washington in 2006

From ABC News:
TVA Scientists Test Strobe Lights on Fish
Fish still can't dance to Bee Gees music

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