Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blame Sean Gleeson II

No, Sean Gleeson didn't beat me to the punch on a clever idea like he did once before.

No, this time, I'm blaming Sean for getting Dreamhost all riled up.

Way to go, Sean.

No, in all seriousness, it's not Sean's fault. Not even a little bit. But the other day, I read a post he wrote about Dreamhost writing him a nasty-gram. Seems Sean has been taking up system resources:
Specifically your CPU minute usage for today is 108.52

Now, Sean is a programmer. He does programming stuff for a living. And programmers are notorious for doing programming stuff. They can't help it.

Now, I'm not a programmer. I've tinkered with some BASIC (not Visual BASIC, but 1970-era Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Which shows you just how long ago that was. I wrote a "2001" game where you worked your way through the ship to shut down HAL. And, of course, a blackjack game. Everybody wrote blackjack games. That was 1978.

I've tinkered with ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, JavaScript. But I don't consider myself a programmer.

So, while I felt bad for Sean when he got the letter from Dreamhost, I felt good that I didn't have to worry about that.

Until late Sunday. An email arrived:
Unfortunately it appears that your site is using more than your fair share of system resources on your shared hosting machine alvarado. Our system has flagged your account because it is using a large number of CPU minutes per day on alvarado. We need you to trim down your resource consumption considerably. Should you ignore this or subsequent warnings your account may be moved to an evaluation server which could cause downtime.

Specifically basilsblog's CPU minute usage for today is 55.10.

What the... ???

They let Sean go till 108 and they're fussing about 55 with me? What's up with that?

Okay. So I have to check the logs later today to "understand exactly which of (the) scripts is using what resources".

Which means I'll be working on two projects.

One project is to replace the scripts that are resource hogs with better-behaved scripts.

The other project? Watching to see how long before they shut Sean down. So I'll know just how long I have to get it done!

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