Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Wife's current schedule has her off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That'll change soon. Next week, in fact.

But, for now, she's been off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That's been pretty useful for her at times. Particularly when there are things that are best handled suring the week. You know, some places that are open Monday-Friday.

Okay, most places are open Saturday, too, but if there's ever a problem or anything, they always say to call the boss on Monday since he's not there on weekends.

So, it's good to go to places on Monday-Friday.

Wednesday, the Wife picked up my watch from the jewelers.

And that's what I want to talk about. That watch. It's my grandfather's watch.

My grandfather died in 1979. Actually, one died in 1979. The other died in 1968. But the one who died in 1979 was the one we called "Papa."

That's what the grandchildren call me: "Papa."

Anyhow, Papa was my mother's father. Married to my mother's mother. We call her "Grandma." She's the only living grandparent I have left. She's also the one that we took to see her parent's old log cabin in September.

Papa died in 1979. In July. He had been ill for years before that. Heart trouble. And, that week, he had a rough time. But right on the 4th of July, he had a real good day.

He loved his country. And loved fireworks. And he lived a block away from the high school. And they had the fireworks at the football field at the high school.

So, the night of July 4th, he and Grandma went outside in the yard, looked towards the school, and watched the fireworks.

Grandma said he really enjoyed himself.

After the fireworks were done, he went into the house and went to bed. He never woke up.

But his last day on this earth was a good day for him. And that's something that not everyone gets to experience.

And I think about that when I am wearing Papa's watch.

It sat in a drawer for 26 years. But Grandma gave me his watch recently. And, well, it needed cleaning. So the Wife took it to the jeweler's. And picked it up today.

I'm glad to have Papa's watch back. It tells time. And reminds me of other times.


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