Wednesday, December 7, 2005


In the category of Best Humor/Comics Blog, there is no doubt of whom I support: IMAO.

You see, although they don't know it, this little blog is actually the offspring of a drunken gropefest between Frank J. and Right Wing Duck. Those two blogs were not the first blogs I read. But they were my favorites. And had it not been for them, this little blog wouldn't exist.

So, while Right Wing Duck isn't a finalist in the Weblog Awards this year, IMAO is. And let there be no doubt, I'm voting for IMAO.

Oh, don't misunderstand me. The finalists in this year's Best Humor/Comics Blog are almost all funny. I bet you can guess the one's I don't care for. But most of them are great blogs. Day By Day by Chris Muir, Cox & Forkum, Iowahawk, Beautiful Atrocities, Scrappleface, Hog On Ice, Six Meat Buffet, Hate Mongers Quarterly, and Protein Wisdom are regular reads. Most are daily reads. (I really do need to visit Hate Mongers Quarterly more often; The others, I read every day.)

But my blog-daddy Frank J.'s brainchild IMAO is not only my sentimental favorite, it's my favorite. He's added other bloggers to the fold (including my co-blog-daddy Right Wing Duck), and IMAO isn't the same IMAO of a year ago. But it's a good different. And IMAO has my vote.


  1. Happy Blogoverary!

    and thank you for all of your help to this newbie blogger.

    May you have many many more to celebrate.


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