Saturday, December 10, 2005

Interview with The Florida Masochist?

Yes, the interview with The Florida Masochist was scheduled to have been up 4-5 hours ago. However, there has been a delay.

Part of the problem is some e-mail hosts have been victims of virus attacks, and much e-mail has been delayed. While most of the e-mail servers themselves are not infected, the sheer volume of virus-infected e-mails that are being generated by the infected users is causing delays. More from the Washington Post.

We have received part of the answers to the interview, but haven't yet received the rest. As soon we get them, we'll have the interview up.

So keep checking for the interview with The Florida Masochist today, and Gennie from Dizzy Girl tomorrow.

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  1. The reason for the delay in my interview is entirely my fault, not Basil's in the least. Simple procrastination which I remedied minutes ago by emailing Basil my remaining answers.

    My apologies.


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